How To Replace A Seiko Watch Battery

If you have a Seiko watch that is not running, then the first thing you should do is to check if the battery is okay. You can replace the battery if you find that it is not running and doing this is very easy and will save you a lot of costs. Here how to replace a Seiko watch battery.

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Which Type Of Battery Does Your Seiko Watch Use?

Knowing the kind of battery your Seiko watch uses is crucial as it will help determine the way you can use to remove the back. It can also be nice if you check the manual, if it is available, for you to know the type of battery that it needs. Also, if the manual is not available, you can remove the back and have a look at the battery.

Remove The Back of Your Seiko Watch

You cannot change the battery if you have not removed the back. There are different ways that you can use to remove the back depending on the type of the Seiko watch that you have. You can use a screwdriver if the watch is of that type and remove the back.

Buy A New Battery

After you have found out which type of battery the Seiko watch uses, you can now go a jewelry store and get one. Ensure you carry the old battery with you so that you can compare it with the new battery and obtain the right one. If you don’t want to take it along, then copy the numbers correctly and make sure you do not miss anything.

Install Your New Battery

Since you now have a new battery to replace the old one, you will need to install it by either asking the people who sold it to you to help in putting it in or you can do it yourself. Doing it yourself will be better if you notice how the old one was installed.